About the project

Cantar de Mio Cid. Austin: University of Texas, 2002. The project was developed by Professor Matthew Bailey, who started on the project in the late 1990s at Texas. Bailey collaborated with the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services at UT-Austin. Materials include a digitized reproduction of the unique manuscript from color slides, a paleographic transcription of the early thirteenth-century Castilian epic poem, a normative transcription, an English translation, and an oral rendition of the text by Jabier Elorrieta. Textual commentary produced in collaboration with Thomas Montgomery, incorporated on October 31, 2004. Currently hosted, redesigned (in 2023), and maintained by Washington and Lee University. Read about the methodology of this project.


Matthew Bailey
academic direction, transcription, translation, commentary

Jabier Elorrieta
oral rendering

Thomas Montgomery

S. Palomino
original Flash version: design, web production, multimedia, programming

M.H. Sirhand
audio recording, editing

Jamie Ward
book scans

Per Abbat
original manuscript

Biblioteca Nacional de España
35mm slides

Technical description

The site has been housed at Washington and Lee University since Professor Bailey moved to W&L. The original site was constructed in the early 2000s with Flash and made available via the Web through PHP. The technical architecture of the site was revised in 2023 by Jeff Barry, Library Technology Developer and Associate Professor of Digital Culture and Information. Additional content and features will be added to this site in late 2023.